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November 30, 2010

Handling and care of the patient (1944) Pt. 1 of 2 (via WellcomeFilm)

. wellcome collection wellcome movie youtube handling of patient medical medicine
November 16, 2010

Trailer for Robert Morgan's new film Bobby Yeah

. youtube film trailer robert morgan bobby yeah claymation trailer

฿Ξ®ΩʊϟΞ is the new ♆I♱☪♅ΩʊϟΞ (via the sick and twisted Valentina Tanni)

. video bear youtube creepy animation bear house witch house
November 5, 2010

The inimitable TB reminds us that the interweb’s greatest cinematic claymation masterpiece ever, Chainsaw Maid by Takena Nagao, has been released on DVD - containing Chainsaw Maid Zero which looks fucking epic.

. Takena Nagao youtube chainsaw maid chainsaw maid zero trevor brown claymation
November 1, 2010

This goes very nicely over shitty Italo Disco synth tracks. 

(via WellcomeFilm, obv.)

. italo disco youtube video wellcome medical medicine Jugular venous pulse

Little piggy sleepy. 

. Smithsonian Institute time-lapse video youtube piglet pig decomposition death Dr. Jerry Payne
October 25, 2010

Anonymous said: Liebe Frau Gerber,
so eine leichtherzige, hoffungsvolle junge Frau wie Sie könnte durchaus die Erfahrungen haben, die mir meine Frage beantworten könnte. Also hier die Frage:
"MIt welcher Eröffnung läßt sich das Spiel der Spiele am besten gewinnen?"
Des Menschen Wille ist sein Himmelreich, in ewiger Verehrung ihr F.W.J. Schelling

For questions of this nature and gravitas, it’s best to let the experts give you a profound and univocal answer: 

(via Robert M Fenner)

. youtube robert m fenner video hans christian andersen ask wurzeltod question

Deuce by Monica Cook

This is so creepy it would make Paul McCarthy weep/come. 

. Monica Cook stop motion animation deuce youtube paul mccarthy

BEHOLD, Americanistani people! Janus Films are showing Kuroneko near you. Details here

. Kuroneko bw movie trailer youtube janus films
Dress For Today #2 by Ari Tabei, 2007 - performance video

Dress For Today #2 by Ari Tabei, 2007 - performance video

. ari tabei dress photography rags performance youtube
October 21, 2010

Awesome machinery by Géza Szöllősi (under “Betelgeuse”)

. movie film trailer youtube opium madwoman Géza Szöllősi betelgeuse medical
October 19, 2010

I was really looking forward to this, but the new Envy album is disappointing and repetitive apart from maybe two songs, this one not included. It’s just a pretty video. That is all. Go back to your corners. 

. envy music youtube video Worn heels and the hands we hold forest japan

I know this totally isn’t new, but for those who haven’t seen Haneke’s Das Weisse Band yet, this scene should encourage you to lend it your eyes and hearts. 

. MICHAEL HANEKE das weisse band white ribbon bw movie youtube trailer death soup

One of the more surprising discoveries I made at this year’s LFF: The Temptation of St Tony

. lff london film festival movie youtube the temptation of st tony bw

Via Street Anatomy, via Morbid Anatomy… but let’s be honest, like in most cases, totally via me back in 0fucking4. ^__^

. youtube miniature street anatomy morbid anatomy diorama movie film doll house Corinne May Botz nutshell studies unexplained death wurzeltod